What’s Next after Release of Admission List


The Second stage after the Admission release is that of CLEARANCE STAGE.

We first wish to inform Aspirants who have been offered admission to our better by far varsity that the payment of acceptance fee closes in 2 weeks, though we are not certain if there will be further extension by the University Management.
In the light of this, We implore candidates who are yet to pay their acceptance fee to do that swiftly before the due date, Else, The admission offer will be terminated.

In the other hand, We wish to beseech Aspirants who awaits the Second List to exercise patience as its released shortly. We need to reassure you of our commitment to seeing your names come out soon as the varsity will be admitting many Jambites and DE’ites. There is no cause for an alarm, You’ll be admitted if you follow the right process and have what it takes to be given the Admission and ultimately there will be a span/increase in the number of candidates to be admitted this year. Those who have been admitted should do the right thing for the Clearance because it’s also part of the Screening.

Hence, Some candidates may be disqualified/denied along the clearance process if the due process is not followed.

Here are the following things to do

1. Make acceptance payments before the deadline

2. You are required to upload your Olevel results. Do not make any mistake, we repeat, do not make any mistake in the upload of the details

3. Citizenship is only for indegene of Kwara.

4. Do the above ASAP before they commence the online clearance.

Please, do the right thing and keep us abreast of whatever comments you get on your portal.

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