TRANSFER APPROVAL: Urgent info for Unilorin Aspirants


This is to bring to the attention of aspirants who received the notification of Program Transfer Consideration on their JAMB CAPS or as a text, do note that you are given 7 days to take an action, for those wondering what it means, it basically suggests that the Unilorin has considered you for admission but for a different course. You fall into the category if you made a change of course when registering for the post utme on Unilorin portal or you are didn’t meet the quota/requirement for the course you initially chose but the University still deemed it fit to consider you for a different course.

If you fall in the above category, the management of University of Ilorin has considered you and given you a deadline, you are expected to either ACCEPT the offer or leave it within ONE WEEK of the date it was created. If you do accept the offer it means that you will be considered for admission on the new program, then Jamb will forward your details to Unilorin to include your name in its list, (For example, if yours shows 09/18/19 as Date Created then the deadline for acceptance will be 09/25/19). Failure to do this before 1week expiration means you have rejected the offer and the program transfer initiated by Unilorin will not be effected. To does who accepted it, not to worry, you might not see a change in the admission status section because this is your own medium of acceptance. If yours doesn’t bring any notification upon the click, then you are not in this category, simply click on How to check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

We therefore advise that you do the needful ASAP, however, if you are not sure if you fall in this category simply login to your portal and click on TRANSFER.

– First your name will be forwarded back to Unilorin within the space of the seven days for approval

– Then once approved, your Jamb Admission CAPS will still remain at NOT ADMITTED for a while but later to ADMISSION IN PROGRESS

– Similarly, the CONGRATULATORY message of being admitted must show before it becomes visible on your UNILORIN portal.

– Finally, it is compulsory to change your course to the approved transfer from your Jamb portal. ( If this is not done your admission might be rejected)

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