Unilorin finally puts an end to Post UTME registration. What does this mean?


The registration and sales for the Post-UTME Screening were finally put to an end on Sunday 30th January 2021 as scheduled. The Management of the University of Ilorin finally put the PRE SCREENING 2021 to a close

It could be recalled that ever since the form was first made open on Monday, 10th August, 20220 and due to elapse on 31st August 2020, there have been a series of extensions made to it. These extensions occurred five times within the space of August 2020 till January 2021.

The management of Unilorin granted these extensions as a result of various factors, some of which includes; candidates encountering issues when registering, those unable to obtain the form, awaiting results, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and most importantly the ASUU strike all played a crucial role in the deadline extension. However, the long-overdue registration was finally put to a halt on Sunday, 31st January 2021 and as of this time of writing NO FURTHER EXTENSION has been made.

What does it mean?

One of our duty as Unilorin Admission Guide is to keep you abreast and guide you through, this we have been doing from our backend platforms.

During this period, we had got quite a lot of questions from applicants on what this meant, what’s next, and when will the screening commence. Hence, we have decided to break this down to an extent and continue a series on this.

First, we commence with the registration. The closure of the pre-admission registration form means the applicant won’t be able to make a purchase and register for the form. This includes those who recently made a change of institution shortly before and after the deadline elapsed.

Does this mean that one can’t register again for Unilorin Post UTME?

Yes, for now, you might not be able to register for it, except if the institution decides to reopen access. The link for registration, which is the ONLY access in which the form is purchased, is currently disabled as such no application can be made. Is there any possibility of re-opening? For now, we can’t say yet as that’s solely left to the management to decide, and chances are very slim.

Secondly, what of those with Awaiting result?

As earlier stated, it is also notable to clarify that applicants who did a change of institution to Unilorin on the JAMB portal or are yet to upload their awaiting results on the Unilorin portal will also be denied access to upload such or register on the portal, even if they successfully did those on the JAMB portal.

Alternatively, we can’t fully assure but there might be slight possibilities of a reopening, which might be specific to those who filled in A/R on their portal. A similar scenario did occur in 2019 after many requests were made, access was given to victims to update results however it was for a short timeframe and this wasn’t publicly announced, hence we ask that those concerned to keep a close watch on their portal. Our team is closely monitoring it and If such reoccurs we will definitely communicate to those in our WhatsApp community. Click HERE to join

Finally, to screening, what’s next?

Now that the portal for registration has been closed, the next cause of action will be screening.

The Screening procedures are set down criteria the university which will serve as yardsticks in selecting the most qualified applicants. This could be either be via CBT examination or online screening through the use of data uploaded (Results).

As you have most probably noticed, the screening progress rate is currently delayed, not just because of the management but also this is due to the on-going strike by the non-teaching staff, who play a crucial role in the screening of applicants.

Unlike the previous year, the University of Ilorin will be adopting the Online screening method, this was disclosed by the university vice-chancellor, Prof. Age Sulyman, during an interview with Unilorin FM last year, click HERE to read more details on it.

Most importantly, you must also bear in mind that Unilorin is dynamic, hence, the management decides whatever beast seem fit as a mode of entry, as such, a different approach could be adopted. Pending the time we advise applicants to prepare for the exam as it won’t cost anything to.

Applicants who were successful in registration will then go through the adopted screening procedure set by Unilorin.  Of which if successful he/she will have been offered admission via the portal (Admission Status) and then an upload will be made on their JAMB CAPS portal to accept or reject the offer.

In our next post, we will be addressing the issue of screening

We, Unilorin Admission Guide, are dedicated to ease the process for you closely monitoring the whole process and give you updates, we know it might look quite difficult due not not not getting info, but we advise you not to give up, detach from rumours and be careful how you react to information (verify sources), a wrong approach could deny you of admission or become a victim of SCAM.

If you have further question, need clarification or up-to-date information, Feel free to Call/WhatsApp 08078087987, 09031753773 and we will be ready to guide you through.

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