Our Team hereby uses the medium to inform Aspirants to exercise patience on the yet release Second List. We understand the fact that you’re all eager to get admission alert.

We hereby urge everyone of you to please exercise more patience as we await the release of the second list between now and next week. We are not speculating, We are sure and the University is also working round the clock in making sure the second list is released soon. We have received calls from concerned parents that the Second list has been released as it has been agoged few days ago. Please, kindly disregard any false news acclaiming the release of the Second List. We will inform the Tom, Dick and Harry of the public immediately it has been released.

Those who have been offered Admission are expected to be on Campus unfailingly by next week to continue their registration at various levels immediately they have been cleared and full lectures begins immediately after the varsity convocation which will end Oct 24. Clearances have not commenced as we confirmed yesterday in the school but will begin shortly which is next week by God’s grace. You don’t need to bother yourself on clearance, If you upload rightly and do the necessary things expected of you for the Admission Process, then you’ll certainly be cleared. For those candidates experiencing indifferences on their portal and those who failed to upload their documents, The varsity IT team have promised to resolve the issues just in time. If you have paid your acceptance fee, You admission cannot be terminated, Just relax, All these are what we confirmed yesterday at appropriate quarters in school, Please, We don’t appreciate people who sit at home and give false information to candidates and the entire public.

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