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Does your portal read Not Admitted ?

The sudden news of University of Ilorin commencing admission screening  came as a  shock to many applicants. However, this is actually not an unfamiliar process as such screening pattern was once adopted. Unlike previous years, the process took a different route with the use of the applicant’s performance as a yardstick in determining prospective students.
As its custom, after the final deadline of reopening of the registration portal recently elapsed (March 21st), Unilorin commenced its screening procedure, and as required by JAMB, upload of prospective commenced on the JAMB CAPS for verification.
Once an applicant meets the requirements for a course through the screening process, Unilorin then uploads successful applicant details for verification on their JAMB CAPS portal. At this stage JAMB screens submitted entries before forwarding such offer to the candidate’s CAPS portal to either Accept or Reject the admission. Here’s how to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS.

Candidates can check their admission status upon successful login to the JAMB CAPS by clicking on “Check Admission Status”.  Admission status could read any of the following;
However, what is most common is NOT ADMITTED.

But before we proceed further, if you have a question or need further clarifications, our WhatsApp HERE and call line 08078087987 is readily available.
Having established the above, it important to state at this point that the University of Ilorin has NOT OFFICIALLY released her admission list but rather only uploaded it on the JAMB CAPS which is mandatory for all institutions for verification before final selection prepared. We wrote on Everything You Need To Know About JAMB Caps
For now, this is only visible on the Jamb portal and not the Unilorin portal irrespective of your admission status.

So why does your JAMB CAPS read NOT ADMITTED?

It simply means that you have not been offered provisional admission at your institution of choice however, this does not fully suggest that you cannot be qualified for admission or your status won’t change, IT CAN.

Various factors could be responsible for this, here we have highlighted some;
1. Gradual Process: Contrary to what others think, applicants should note that names of prospective are uploaded gradually on the JAMB CAPS and not necessarily by course or department. Admission is an individual and not a collective responsibility, your status could change any moment so we advise you to closely monitor your CAPS and not wait for generality.

2. Transfer Approval: Some applicants may have been considered admission but they are unaware of this. The University of Ilorin could decide to consider you for an alternative course hence this won’t be displayed in the regular Admission status page but rather through Transfer Approval. You are advised to be on the lookout. Here is How to Check admission on Transfer Approval

3. Wrong portal: First, no applicant (Admitted or not) will be able to view their status on their Unilorin portal, for now, it’s normal because the upload of names is rather displayed via JAMB CAPS till it’s completed before released is made on Unilorin portal. Secondly, when checking through the Jamb portal ensure this is done on the CAPS PORTAL link and not just JAMB PORTAL Admission Status. Many have complained of not having access to their CAPS, this is because you checking via the wrong portal, If you have challenges, follow our steps on How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS.

4. DE/REMEDIAL: If you fall under this category, note that most times there is always a delay in the upload of names on the JAMB CAPS, this is usually done later but gradually. So be hopeful and monitor your CAPS. We will let you know via our platforms as soon as we notice any progress in this. Most times a transfer approval is made on theirs.

5. Not in First Batch: As we earlier stated, upload is a continuous done gradually, emphasis on the word, continuous. With the high volume of candidates that applied, expect a slower upload. You might most likely not be included on the first set of upload batch. However, this is not to say the batches is over, NO, you will know if it is over when Unilorin officially releases its list on their portal. So pending the time be hopeful.

6. No Qualification Upload: A compulsory screening criteria that determines admission is if the 5 RELEVANT subjects required by Unilorin when registering for Post UTME was actually 5 subjects, not 4 or less and if the O’level subjects and grade were successfully uploaded on both the Unilorin portal and Jamb portal . Same applies to Direct Entry applicants. This can be a major hindrance to admission irrespective of your high Jamb score or O’levels/qualification.

7. ERROR: More often, setbacks are caused by human errors.  Applicants tend to take the wrong decision due to misinformation. It is most important that you don’t give to hearsay, pressure, feelings or scams in disguise of upgrading your status. We advise you seek the right action before taking any step. If you still got questions or need further clarification, Call/WhatsApp us on 08078087987, we do this at no cost. You can also click HERE to join our official WhatsApp group.
Finally, having clarified some basic reasons. NOT ADMITTED does not suggest that you won’t be selected. A large number of candidates applied hence the upload of names and verification by Jamb will slow down the process, it is continuous and done gradually.

Most importantly, it’s worthy to note that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and heads of various tertiary institutions in the country agreed that all public universities are expected to finish their admissions on or before 15th May 2021. So pending this period, the admission process will continue till the final closure of the said date where we can confidently say that Unilorin admission is put to an end.

What’s Next ?

We don’t have the final say, the school does, while we remain hopeful we ask that you also still have in preparation for new UTME pending the time and be properly guided before taking the next step.

We wish you the best
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We wish you the best