Everything You Need to Know About Unilorin PHYSICAL CLEARANCE (Part 2)


Have you been Cleared Online on the Unilorin portal ? If NO, then you need to visit this post on Everything You Need to Know About UNILORIN CLEARANCE (Part 1)

However, if YES is your answer, then you are on the right page. Here we broke down the basic things you need to know and process involved in the physical clearance procedure.

What is Physical Clearance ?

Physical clearance basically is the second stage of clearance which involves the verification of documents of prospective. Unlike the online clearance, applicants are meant to appear physically.

Where will the Physical clearance be held ?

The physical clearance will be held at  various departments. Each applicants are expected to locate the lecturer assigned to the 100 Level students (Freshers). The lecturer are also known as Level Advisers.

When are we supposed to commence clearance ?

As soon as the resumption date for a new session is announced you are expected to resume for with your documents.

 How long does it take ?

It varies. However, the process should take a day or few if you have all the required documents set and submitted to the Level adviser.

What are the documents needed ?

We have listed all the required documents you will be needing HERE.

So what’s next after the clearance ?

Once you are successful and submitted all necessary then you can proc3ed to commence a new registration as a student on the portal (Please take precautions as this will be your new data throughout your stay in the university.

Secondly, as directed by your Level adviser, he/she will guide you on the courses to select for the session.

Until the above is done and approved by your L.A before you are granted access to pay the school fees and other charges.

We hope you got this information right, if otherwise or you need clarification our lines are Open for CALL or WHATSAPP 08078087987 08096279630, or join our Facebook community HERE for more information as well as our latest UPDATES & MESSAGES



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