We personally do not see reasons why aspirants are just too anxious about the list. Confirming from a reliable source shows that only about 4,000 candidates were admitted yesterday and the list has about 3,500 of Remedial Aspirants and just 500 of Jamb and D.E. They will still admit up to 12,000 candidates this year and alert will keep popping in till November. Candidates have not even been admitted to some Dept. The school considers Remedial candidates first before Jambites and DE’ites. They have not really started admitting Jambites at all but only the few lucky ones got the alert for the Merit List.

Candidates will get alert subsequently as it’s been updated and will continue till November 30. Names will be added soon, Don’t kill yourself with anxiety, Whether first, second or supplementary list, It’s all list and admission is the main thing.

I enjoin my faith with you all that as the Almighty God lives, You’ll get your alert soon. Please, Do away of *Moody Act*.

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All the best.


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