Prior to the recently released information, We confirmed that many candidates finds it difficult to comprehend what was written by our platform few days ago.

The University of Ilorin 2016 Admission is a due process and one must be certified before the next one. The first list was released on the 26th and 27th respectively with Remedial Aspirants having the Lion share of the list, Rumours have been agoged that no other list has been released and some has it that the Second list has been released. We hereby implore candidates to disregard any information of such as the true evidence for the next admission list is *”You Yourself*”. It’s either you get an alert or your friend get it, So, You should know that our varsity is truly better by far. Do not be disturbed by the List, If anyone tells you it’s out, Tell them you’re still expecting your alert or you can directly check your portal for confirmation.

We can confirm to the entire public that the acceptance fee payment for First Batch Candidates has lapsed. Hence, Aspirants who have failed to pay in due time have lost the admission offer. The varsity now has the records of candidates that grabbed the offer. We are committed to ensuring that the Second list is released as fast as possible, We are moderator and leveller while the University Management is the offerer. The only thing we are assured is that “in few days”. Aspirants should dissuade from all form of tension and worry, The List will surely be out this October, hopefully next week after the clearances of first batch candidates is already in shape.

Moreso, In line with the University Academic Calender, Newly Admitted Candidates are expected to be on Campus on Oct 17 while Stalites on Oct 24, that’s the stipulated time, Second list aspirants will join the first batch candidates after which they have been admitted and it’s still feasible that full lectures will commence immediately after the Varsity’s Convocation. On the clearance issue, Whether you resume or not, You’ll definitely be cleared, Though issues may persist which ways will always be paved. We see that aspirants are already in doubt in resuming or not, There is no monotony in our varsity system, Once they are ready to clear, they begin immediately without obstruction. If any hitches is later experienced along your clearance, You’ll be able to solve it conveniently in due time. Clearance will begin next week by God’s grace.

On Accommodation Issues, Hostels in school is always an online booking and this may not come up so soon maybe till November as presumed. We are committed to seeing the second list comes out as fast as possible, Please, Bear in mind that there is still time for the second list as it is quite feasible that First and Second list candidates start aspirants are expected to start lectures together. Don’t be weighed down, Be positive and focus. You’ll gain admission into our better by far University. We leave you with the Question “Do you still believe Unilorin will admit you? Your answer will determine your admission. Do not forget to hit like at ( or search for Unilorin Admission Guide. Get quick reply and updates.

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